It’s the holiday season and we’re all psyched about finally being able to put our feet up for a couple weeks. Whether it’s travelling for a destination holiday or spending time with family; 4Afrimobile App AfriMobile App lists our top favourite things about the holidays.

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays


Work often pulls us apart and sometimes we’re unable to catch up or check in till everyone is on holiday. It’s time to sit back and decompress, while at the same time listening to every detail of our mom’s new hobby or the travails from grandma’s bridge club. The holidays are about reaffirming our love for the people we care about, and strengthening the bonds that carry us through the year, reassuring us that we have roots. Are you in the UK and unable to spend Christmas with family back in Africa? AfriMobile provides calls to African countries at affordable rates, as well as the opportunity to send them credit.

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2) FOOD:
We said it! It’s the season to indulge your taste buds without guilt, and what’s better proof of a good holiday than adding a little winter padding? In December, we tend to go all out in our culinary celebration and relish ever fattening bite? We might pay for it in January but we’ll worry about that then shall we?



Even the most stone faced, slave driving, ice hearted bosses, crack a smile at Christmas. There’s just something about the season that inspires people to be nicer more hospitable. Call it, trying to appease Santa or just happiness at not being on a break from work, we love the infectious cheer this season brings would last all year long.



What was that about Christmas cheer? Did we mention it extends to shopping as well? Whether it’s Black Friday or Cyber Monday, lots of stores catch the holiday fever and offer discounted prices on their goods as their way of saying happy holidays. Colour us pleased

So, this holidays, take a deep breath, take the good intentioned nosy questions from your family members in good faith and exhale. Because holidays are the universe’s way of giving you time to catch up on how far you come, and appreciate those who made it there with you.



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