Why hello FAB ones!

Been enjoying the weather?

With the recent (albeit short-lived) outburst of sun here in the UK, I’ve been very well and in my element shopping for shiny pretty protective things (that’s shopper-speak for on-trend sunglasses)…

With a spectacle of trends surfacing along the highstreet, our peepers are spoilt for choice of stylish sunnies and, with the hottest being cat-eyed and ’70s round frames, I’m quite looking forward to being four-eyed and fashionable!

BUT! Before you jump into any old pair of these sexy sunshades that are sweeping brows everywhere this season, remember that finding the right pair of on-trend yet protective eyewear is all down to your face.

Are you square-faced, heart-faced, oval, or an all rounder? Here’s a little break down of face shapes and the highstreet’s trendiest options – follow or else fashion-boo-boo at your peril…


Fashionistas with square faces usually exhibit the following facial qualities: A broad forehead, wide jaw line and a broad or squared-off chin.

SHOP: Rounded or oval style shades to balance and soften your face-shape. 

AVOID: Thin, angular or square styles, which may have you resembling something similar to a grid or rubix cube.

Familiar square faces:


THE TREND FOR YOU: The round frame-trend of the 70s are revived to arrive at your rescue, just in time for the summer sun. Chunky round frames work best.

 TRY: Asos round tortoise shell frames, £15, Topshop two-tone curved shades, £18ALL ROUND BEAUTIES

Those with round faces usually display a short face, which bares a wide forehead and rounded, full cheeks and chin.

SHOP: Wide styled frames with a square or upswept shape – this will sculpt the face and draw attention to your upper visage. Frames with high set sides or detail at the highest point of the rim will do you justice – especially those with colour or decoration on the temples.

AVOID: Small and round shaped-frames, which will emphasise your round face shape and have you looking like a cartoon character. Over-sized frames are also a no-no – they’ll make your face look rounder too.

A familiar round facers:


THE TREND FOR YOU: The ever-so nostalgic cat-eyed shaped frame has stalked its way back to the on-trend-o-sphere, to have round faces looking as svelte as any feline. Choose squared-shaped options to further balance your face and become a femme fatale.

TRY: White cat-eye frames, £12.99, Brown leopard print frames, £12.99 and Pink cat-eye frames, £9.99. All River Island.




These lovable face shapes feature a broader forehead, which tapers down to a smaller chin and mouth.

SHOP: Slender, round or square styles, with lower set sides that don’t over-emphasise the upward sweep your face naturally possesses.

AVOID: Styles that are really wide at the top, which will mirror and over-emphasise the face shape rather than balance it.

Fellow heart-shaped faces:









THE TREND FOR YOU: The 70s style round frames will work best for you, so long as the frame s thin. Alternatively, try cat-eyed shaped shades but opt for slightly cat-like as opposed to full on feline. Those with detail on the outer corners or by the temples will balance your face, but don’t over do it and make yourself you look like a slice of Dairylea.

TRY: River Island pink metal rim shades, £12.99, Topshop caramel round sunnies, £16, Topshop flat curved sunnies £18.00 and Topshop large round yellow shades, £18.



Oval faces are considered well balanced and so can pull off most styles of shades. Common features are a softly rounded face, a forehead slightly wider than the jaw, which is gently curved and high cheekbones.

SHOP: Any style and get as adventurous as you like. Your face permits you. 

AVOID: Styles that don’t suit you in general – your face shape may be more forgiving, but you know in your heart when something looks off-key and when you’re uncomfortable wearing something, it really shows.

Familiar oval-faced lovelies:


















THE TREND FOR YOU: Any – cat-eyed or round, geometric, large, small, thick, thin…


TRY: Topshop caramel stud detail cat-eyes, £18, River Island coral dip dye shades, £12.99, River Island black cat-eyes with diamonte detail, £12.99, Topshop round frames with top bar, £22, Urban Outiftters mini round frames, £14.





And incase you were wondering what I’ve opted for – and I am a lucky oval face (or so I like to think) – here’s my pick. What do you think? Beach-worthy?

(Asos cocktail shades, £12.99)

Happy shade-shopping FAB people!

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  1. Miss O

    For some reasons all sunnies and hats seem to suit my head shape.. haha lucky me!.. lol love the pink cat eye frames and all the last one’s.. bit different.. FABulous!


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