Lego is more than a toy. This one’s got no sell-by tag on it. To some, these building blocks are compared to the Amazing Fantasy, Dom Perignon, Lanikai, Topps’ Mickey Mantle and other timeless ephemera. My bro-som friend Gene has pledged himself in continuing to echo the legacy of a Danish carpenter whose ethos for his brainchild is leg godt (play-well). And what he claims is real – every last block to completing a set is a rosetta stone. Find out about the one piece I’ve chronicled with the loving Legoist.

FAB: When did you start collecting Lego?

G: I started about three years ago. But I’ve always wanted to do so since a long time but i was financially capped.

FAB: What makes you so interested in them?

G: I’m not quite sure. Its just something that I can’t help wanting. It’s like when you walk past a shop and you just spot something that calls to you. You can choose to ignore it but the desire just gets stronger. And It’s not an impulse, each time I spot a piece that I want, I would spend a few months to consider if I really want it.

FAB: What was the longest duration for you to fix them up?

G: Depends on the number of set pieces. The longest took me about 40 hours for a set of 3000 pieces.

FAB: How much have you spent in total and what was the most expensive one?

G: Approximately £3,000. The most expensive is the star destroyer, costed me about a grand as I customised each of them an acrylic protective case.


FAB:What do you think this hobby can satisfy you others can’t?

G: I never had a LEGO set since I was a kid, maybe that’s why I’m itching for it now.

FAB: What is next LEGO you’re eyeing on?

G: A new piece that’s about to be released. It’s Vader’s Super Star Destroyer.
(Check it out:

FAB What was the craziest thing you done to get them onto your hands?

G: To ship it from the US. (Gene lives in Singapore.)

FAB: What will you do if someone nicks it one day you’re home?

G:I will find that someone and make him eat each brick then buy me a new set.

How would you describe LEGO in 3-5 words?

One piece at a time.

Above images: Courtesy of Gene Siow


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