We live in a world were looks are of great importance and it is essential that every woman have the right ammunition to enhance their natural beauty. Although there are tons of tips that can help even the plainest looking woman achieve maximum beauty, I’ll be sharing just five. Keep reading.


Tip 1: Apply clear mascara over your eyebrows before you tweeze.

Your brows make your face and tweezing is one of the best ways to achieve that perfect arch. Applying clear mascara makes it easier to grab one hair at a time with more precision.

Tip 2: Nude Lips

One of my favorite lip colors is the natural nude lip shade, to create this beautiful shade apply a bit of concealer that matches your skin tone before you put on your nude lipstick.

Tip 3: Love Shea Butter

I cannot begin to expound on the benefits of Shea butter, I absolutely cannot go a day without it. Shea butter is one of the most effective natural anti-aging products; it helps to improve skin tone and elasticity while moisturizing to help your skin less wrinkly. Although the smell of Shea Butter can be a bit off-putting, adding a few drops of scented oil will give it a more pleasant smell.

Tip 4: The Power of Cucumbers

Apart from their nutritious crunchiness, cucumbers are perfect for reducing puffiness and dark circles around the eyes. These natural eye pads do wonders after a long, stressful day.

Tip 5: Egg Whites and Lemons

Lemons are very effective for lightening the skin naturally and the combination of egg whites and lemon juice as a facemask leaves your face tightened and your pores reduced, it also gradually fades away dark spots and blemishes on your face. Be careful not to leave the mask on for longer than five minutes so as not to burn your skin.

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