Pipeline vandalism is one of the very crucial issues facing the country Nigeria. Some suspected pipeline vandals attempting to obtain petrol illegally from a pipeline belonging to NNPC are feared dead as fire broke out during their activities.

According to Vanguard, the fire broke out on Thursday evening at about 6pm in the Ijedodo area of Lagos state when the vandals where carrying out their reckless and criminal activities. The outbreak was caused by one of the vandals who ignited the fire after having a fight with a fellow vandal. The fire however caused an explosion causing the whole area to catch fire and leaving many dead.

Members of the Ijedodo area who witnessed the fire outbreak, called on the authorities to help put out the fire. Number of casualties from this incidence is still unkown. This is not the first time such incidence is occurring. We need to stop pipeline Vandalism in this country.

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