On Friday 30 Sept 2011 Farafina Books of Kachifo, releases a new title by Eghosa Imasuen, Fine Boys, for the first time ever in digital format. “Yeah, yeah”, we hear you say, “we’ve heard of ebooks before”. Not like this. Fine Boys will be the first ever Nigerian book by a mainstream Nigerian publisher to be released as an ebook before it is published in paper and ink.

What’s more, Fine Boys will be available first and foremost on www.hibuzz.com, the Nigerian equivalent of iTunes, making it the first Nigerian book to be published digitally on a Nigerian platform.






Hibuzz.com has been described as, “the ultimate destination for African entertainment”. It allows users to download an app on which they can access African movies, music ebooks and live events.

Fine Boys, a story of the complexities of growing up Nigerian, of violent university gangs, of love, of family and heartbreak, set against the backdrop of that turbulent 90s, is Ehgosa’s second novel.

According to Chika Unigwe, author of The Phoenix, ‘in Fine Boys, Imasuen writes fearlessly and beautifully of friendship, love, loss, and betrayal. It is thought-provoking, perfectly paced, uniformly delightful, compassionate, full of humour but also heart-breaking.’

Join us from 7pm to 9pm at Terra Kulture on Tiamiyu Savage in Victoria Island, Lagos, this Friday 30th September where Eghosa will be giving his first public reading of Fine Boys.

Our other titles in print will be on sale as well. If nothing else come out of curiosity (we’ll be demonstrating a Hibuzz.com download live at the event) or for the complimentary refreshments.

Farafina Books will also be hosting a live chat with author Eghosa Imasuen on Facebook on Saturday 1st October from 7pm.


If you can’t make it to either event then get your digital copy instantly through
Hibuzz.com. Each digital download costs just N700. So, what are you waiting for?
Pre-order your copy on www.Hibuzz.com now.

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