Fashion Mavericks: Kiki Kamanu’s Spring/Summer’12 Collection ‘In-Voluntary Addiction’ Unveiled

London Fashion Week off-schedule Fashion Mavericks show saw the unveiling of the ‘In-Voluntary Addiction’ Spring/Summer 2012 collection by the second-time exhibitor at Fashion Mavericks, Kiki Kamanu. While most of the Nigerian fashionistas opted to see (or be seen at) another fashion show just down the road on the Strand, as FAB Magazine, we were proud to rep Kiki at The Strand Hotel.

The collection showed a unique blend of vibrant prints, chiffons and hand-embellished art motifs from around the world inspired by Kiki’s globe-trotting childhood and multi-cultural upbringing.

Some striking designs on the runway constituted linen and cotton trousers in an array of colours sporting a cheeky thigh high, side slit (including a limited edition print in yellow is available, along with block coloured pairs with exquisite hand embroidered silk, leather and sequined waistbands), medallion dresses in luxury stretch figure-flattering fabric in differing lengths, featuring braided straps and a striking silk embroidered, hand stitched medallion design (each taking close to 60 hours to complete), the Katerina dresses featuring feminine peacock print on a luxury jersey fabric and low cut plunging back, and the JUU bikinis, dazzling with their signature asymmetric drop strand detail at the front.

Then there were the flamboyant headwear ‘Good Headz’ – an 8-piece collection of hats named after global sun spots such as South Beach and Capri, bringing a 70s flair on to the runway, ‘Arm Kandy’ range of leather and suede bags to adorn any outfit in style and of course, Kiki’s now famous ‘Comme Tu Veux’ (As You Wish) wrap – perfect to wrap around in a number of ‘as you wish’ styles.

The piece de resistence of Kamanu’s ‘In-voluntary Addiction’ was most definitely the definitive piece of the collection, aptly titled ‘The Dress’ – a full-length show-stopper incorporates the signature drop strand detail, down to the floor on both front and back and which took the designer over 5 days to construct.



Prices start from £150.00 and all products are available online at


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