Barack Obama

There is no doubt that Americas first lady Michelle Obama is one of the most fashionable woman across the globe. She loves everything about fashion and she has done a lot to show support in every possible way.

Michelle Obama recently hosted a couple of fashion designers who have made a mark with their brand. Most of the designers hosted to the first lady’s dinner are those she loves their pieces and have in one time or the other rocked pieces from them.





However what most people do not know is that her favorite color is blue or maybe you didn’t take notice that she has stepped out in more blue outfits and we have come to terms with the fact that it might just be her favorite color. The great news is that as many times as she has stepped out wearing a blue outfit, she has looked nothing less than elegant. The color blue suits her just fine. See some very stunning pictures of Michelle Obama in her favorite color below.



Obama's Attend Event At Sidwell Friends School


President Obama Visits South Africa As Part Of His African Tour




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