One year after Robert Pattinson split from his Twilight onscreen girlfriend Kristen Stewart, he has finally found himself new love in emerging soul singer FKA Twigs.

robert n twig

Robert and Twigs started dating a few months ago and they are already so into each other, but it seems that his fans are not too pleased about the new relationship. FKA Twigs who was born Tahliah Barnett is half Jamaican and half Spanish and a very talented singer and dancer – so we cannot seem to understand what the problem is with Robert Pattinson’s fans.

Pattison and Barnett have been spotted together holding hands severally and it seems this new development really does not go down with Robert and Stewart fans. The fans of the former couple have repeatedly come after Twigs on her twitter feed. They have been sending her racism related messages. Some of the fans went as far as calling her a monkey and even blame Robert for his wrong choice of girlfriend.

Our respect for FKA Twigs has definitely grown as even though she did not find the tweets funny, she simply came out to voice her disbelief over the hate tweets she received and the level of racism abuse online. She did it with no name calling and a high level of maturity.

She simply let the world know that ‘Racism is unacceptable in the real world and it is unacceptable online’. Notably, other fans however came to FKA Twigs defence, showing that there is still sense in the world after all.

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