As FAB, we are always keen to partner with brands and organisations who share our ethos so it was a no brainer to partner with iROCK! UK who strive, working with partner agencies and companies, to create mentoring, training and access to employment opportunities for young people, improving their employability prospects, enhancing their long-term socio-economic opportunities and also empowering them to make informed career choices. Again it was a no brainer when I got an email inviting me to their first general meeting of the year a few weeks back at the Park Plaza Hotel at Waterloo.

The day kicked off at 11am with coffee, tea, cookies and cakes as the FABulously ROCKing ladies and new members sat down to discuss issues and forge a new direction for iROCK! going forward.

With only 6 weeks left to iROCK’s first event of the year, Tribes of Africa ( (, preparations for the event loomed large on in the first half of the day’s agenda, in the discussion led by founder Viola Ncube and project manager Tari Masamvu.

Sister2Sister programme, led by mentors experienced in their respective fields to provide one to one mentoring to graduates to empower and enable them to go on to full time employment, was the topic of the day whereby mentors on the programme and former, current and potential mentees discussed their expectations of iROCK! UK as well as addressing the challenges of navigating the UK job market as ethnic minority job seekers, tackling challenges in the work place and utilising network opportunities.

Following two hours of engaging and inspiring discussion, iROCK! made a commitment to organise regular meetings and workshops where issues like these can be tackled in a friendly and sisterly fashion.

Exciting times and grand projects ahead for iROCK! and as FAB, we are proud to be a part of the movement.

For more information on iROCK!, please visit

For more images and Tari’s take on the meeting, please visit the iROCK! blog.

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