The A to Z of weddings – An expert guide to help you plan a dream of a day

Highlights ……..of The A to Z of weddings (42 weeks of FAB guide to planning your A to Z of wedding)…..

There are some many things to consider before embarking on planning a wedding, lots of overwhelming choices. First is to have ample time to plan your wedding, you’ll be able to enjoy the process.

Be organised and set deadline!balloons

It takes a great deal of effort from a great many people to plan the perfect wedding day. Behind every smooth, elegant presentation is an army of wedding workers whose passion and know-how ensures you get married without a hitch. Florist, photographers, caterers, wedding planner, entertainer, hairstylist, make-up artist etc book these people who can make your event fabulous as soon as possible (between 3-12 months notice)

Your budget is the most important element in your planning, During your preliminary planning stage, guess-estimate for the number of guest you’d like to invite, contact the caterers, florist etc get a elie1 ellie saabsense of their fees. All these early fact-finding and consideration will give you an early estimate of how much your wedding will cost. Once you have an idea of your budget the next step is setting your list of priorities “what is important to you both. Remain within your budget, stay organised , track your spending and keep receipts to monitor your spending.

Insist on a written contract with all your wedding suppliers. Be sure the contract covers all aspects of the services you expect, when overtime expenses start, would your florist endeavour to honour quotations and absorb any increase (the prices of flowers fluctuates daily) etc. You want everything spelled out in detail beforehand to avoid any later confusion, check out the small print!!champag bar

Don’t borrow money from the bank, don’t put your wedding on credit cards(unless you’re paying the balance in 30 days), don’t budget for fewer guests than you invited, better to over than under-estimate, don’t be tempted to upgrade (first ask how much?), don’t overspend in certain area of your budget breakdown unless you can cut back that amount in other areas, don’t make decisions too quick( there are often many less expensive and better options than the first thing you saw), don’t be afraid to speak up, if you’re not happy with a service or tasting or style insist on better,  don’t sweat the small stuff – have FUN, don’t get so wrapped up in planning you both neglect each other, don’t aim for perfection, what’s perfect today might not be ideal tomorrow, don’t forget the legalities ie registrar’s certificate, birth certificate, decree absolute etc, don’t feel you have to conform to expectation – be exceptional it’s your wedding!

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