The A to Z of weddings – An expert guide to help you plan a dream of a day

Part 31 of our guide to planning your A to Z of wedding continues…..

  “The most important goal of any wedding is that it express the couples taste”


style – be original, be creative.

seating plan -decide who will seat with whom at the reception. You need a copy for your caterer.seating

speech – rules to making a speech whether you are the groom, bride, bestman or the father of the brides. Be prepared, be funny, convey affection and keep it simple and memorable. Average time for speech is 7-10mins unless you are the bestman average is 10-20mins. The toast is normally read after the meal and cutting of the cake.

shoesshoes – break in wedding shoes weeks before.

stationery – is an introduction to the tone and feel of your wedding, it teases your guest imagination and a glimpse of what is to come. Be creative, brand your event!

scents –  your wedding day scent will forever evoke the memory of your special day. Vanilla fragances is perfect for weddings, helps to reduce stress and anxiety.

stag – The party is usually organised by the bestman!

smile – practice, practice, practice your smiling. You are going to smile a lot on your wedding day!

sleep – I can’t stress this enough, sleep sleep and more sleep. You’re going to need it for the run up to your wedding day.sleep

superstitious – if you are not superstitious, arrange to meet for a intimate moment. Perhaps for a lovely breakfast and it makes for a lovely photo opportunity (cherish every second of this day, it soon flies by)

shrugs – keep bare shoulders warm. Wraps and capelets adds more style.

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tradition – it’s your day, start a new tradition!

timeline – planning a wedding is a big project which requires organisation skills. A wedding can be planned comfortably in 2-12 months. Start with the timeline, set deadlines for yourself and start as soon as possible. (Read the last 30 weeks of  A to Z of planning a wedding, it’s very comprehensive). Your timeline will provide a useful planning checklist.

table numbers/name – instead of generic numbers for your table, be creative. Choose numbernames of romantic songs or your favourite cities or flowers etc.

time – on your wedding day have a time out,  just the two of you to savour this day and connect. Take 20-40mins time out, celebrate your day!tiara

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The A to Z weddings – An expert guide to help you plan a dream of a day continues the next week.

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