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The A to Z of weddings – An expert guide to help you plan a dream of a day

Part 25 of our guide to planning your A to Z of wedding continues…. P – colour palette inspiration board!

  “The most important goal of any wedding is that it express the couples taste”

The colour purple – regal, personality,strength, mystics, devotion, casual, sophisticated.

Purple works plum iris indigo aubergine lavender grape periwinkle lilac plum hydrangea pu0 pu3 pu4 pu5 pu6 pu7 pu8 pu9 pu12 pu13 pu14 pu15 pu16 pu17

pu18 pu19 pu20 pur1 purp purple purple1 groom love When choosing a colour for your wedding, keep in mind the colours already at your chosen venue, work around it. The reception table is one place where all the colour palette come together.




























































The A to Z weddings – An expert guide to help you plan a dream of a day continues the next week.

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About Bisi ira Bordley

Bisi ira Bordley is the planner & founder of Love, iara sanyang. After an early career in product, interior design & window dressing, Bisi apprenticed herself to Jane Packer (London) to learn floral styling. Elements of these influences are evident in her designs. Later melding her affinity for entertaining and design with her knowledge of horticulture to create a thriving design business Love, iara sanyang. Love, iara Sanyang bespoke is a Bournemouth based Wedding/floral design company that provides stylish creative services for special events from wedding planning, floral installation, intimate dinner to grand scale occasion. Our signature style is the ability to find our clients signature for their events. Love, iara sanyang is known and recognised for their ever-observant eye and attention to details. Their dual strengths in organisation and creativity keeps Love, iara sanyang events personal and unforgettable. From Charity Benefits, corporate parties to intimate weddings, they continue to successfully coordinate, design and produce a wide array of private, collaborations and floral installations. Bisi ira Bordley Wedding planner/floral stylist www.loveiarasanyang.com http://wwwloveiarasanyang.blogspot.com
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