The A to Z of weddings – An expert guide to help you plan a dream of a day

Part 29 of our guide to planning your A to Z of wedding continues….

  “The most important goal of any wedding is that it express the couples taste”


re2 re3 re4 redbeach weddingsred – red in the Chinese culture is a symbol of good fortune. Red is intense, radiates warmth, it’s  sexy, flamboyant, exciting! The inspiration for this wonderful colour in weddings is intense. Be brave mix & match hues, tones, shades!

berry, cranberry, tomato, claret, ruby, scarlet, garnet, cherry, crimson

reception – your venue should be no more than 15-30 minutes from your ceremony venue. The right size to accommodate your guest, fit in with you budget and style. Beach, castle, hotel, garden, private home, woodland, park etc. It’s essential you get the right fit for you. Reception (food, drinks, rentals and venue): 35% – 40%  of your wedding budget goes on the reception. Do think carefully!

relax – take time out during your wedding day. Take off your dress relax, refresh, regroup, rejoin and enjoy the rest of your wedding!

re5re6rain – don’t stress the small stuff. Be prepared!

rsvp –  repondez s’il vous plait means please respond. Make it easy for your guest to respond to your invitation.

keywords & inspiration

romance. retro. recycle. refresh. roses. reception flowers. relatives. registry (wedding list)


The A to Z weddings – An expert guide to help you plan a dream of a day continues the next week.

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