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FAB Weather Watch

The week’s weather forecast with a few fashion tips to see you through.










Lagos, Nigeria.

Temperature: Early morning - 23°C – Very cloudy.

Midday - 26°C – Very cloudy

Night - 22°C – Storm

Fashion verdict: Light-threaded suits are ideal for the hot morning weather, but you might want to have an umbrella handy as the day draws to an end as things are likely to get a little wet. There will be heavy showers so you wouldn’t want to ruin those shoes.


Accra, Ghana. 

Temperature: Early morning - 27°C – Partially windy.

Midday - 31°C - Unsettled.

Night - 25°C - Rain Storms.

Fashion verdict: A thin cotton cardigan to begin with but as also keep an umbrella close by as things are bound to get wetter as the day progresses.


Nairobi, Kenya.  

Temperature: Early morning - 16°C -  Partially cloudy.

Midday - 26°C - Partially cloudy.

Night - 13°C - Mostly Cloudy.

Fashion verdict: Dress warm with light jackets and coats to set out. The day is bound to get warmer but things get increasingly cloudier as the night comes, so a light cotton sweater should do the trick.


Johannesburg, South Africa. 

Temperature: Early morning - 10°C - Mostly Sunny.

Midday - 18°C - Mostly Sunny.

Night - 7°C -  Fair.

Fashion verdict: A sunny start in the morning permits a light sweater and a shirt underneath. The sweater can come off as the weather begins to heat up. For a night out, a warm jacket should keep you warm outside.


Cairo, Egypt.

Temperature: Early morning - 30°C – Sunny.

Midday - 36°C – Sunny.

Night - 26°C – Clear.

Fashion verdict: The weather’s looking perfect for light clothing and things only get better as the day progresses. At night, things are cooler and allow for easy dressing.





London, UK.

Temperature: Early morning - 18°C - Rain Showers.

Midday - 23°C - Rain Showers.

Night - 16°C - Rain Showers.

Fashion verdict: One can’t stress having an umbrella too much. Not in this city at least. I’d wear mine to work if I could. Other sensible options are a thick waterproof coat, a hat, a warm scarf and shoes that can withstand the wet. All of which may stay on for most of the day.


Liverpool, UK. 

Temperature: Early morning - 15°C - Rain Storms.

Midday - 16°C - Rain Storms.

Night - 14°C - Rain Storms.

Fashion verdict: See above, and dress warmer.


Milton Keynes, UK. 

Temperature: Early morning – 13°C - Rain Storms.

Midday –  17°C - Thunder Storms.

Night – 11°C  - Rain Storms.

Fashion verdict: Things aren’t looking on the plus side for Milton Keynes today. Get out the waterproof gear and snuggle under it for most of the day. When you think you’ve been under it too long, give it another two hours. Leave the suede shoes at home, safe and sound. Layer until you’re warm enough to tackle the day. And try not to shelter under trees around midday.


Manchester, UK. 

Temperature: Early morning – 15°C - Rain Storms.

Midday –  17°C - Thunder Storms.

Night – 13°C  - Rain Storms.

Fashion verdict: See above.


Birmingham, UK. 

Temperature: Early morning – 16°C - Rain Showers.

Midday –  20°C - Heavy Showers.

Night – 13°C  - Rain Showers.

Fashion verdict: Heavy coat, warm scarf and Wellington boots (if you’re cool enough), plus a bit of British resilience and you’re good to go.





Boston, USA. 

Temperature: Early morning – 21°C - Thunder Storms.

Midday –  28°C -  Thunder Storms.

Night – 18°C  - Thunder Storms.

Fashion: See above.


Los Angeles, USA.

Temperature: Early morning – 17°C - Sunny.

Midday –  24°C -  Sunny.

Night – 14°C  - Clear.

Fashion verdict: A t-shirt, or a button up, or a nice light blouse should be cool for the day.


Mexico City, USA. 

Temperature: Early morning – 15°C - Thunder Storms.

Midday –  19°C -   Thunder Storms.

Night – 13°C  - Thunder Storms.

Fashion verdict: Stay in doors and look good. Or go out and look like the light house keeper. Your call.


Miami, USA.

Temperature: Early morning – 36°C - Mostly Sunny.

Midday –  45°C -   Mostly Sunny

Night – 32°C  - Isolated Thunder-showers.

Fashion verdict: Perfect weather for greasing up at the beach. You don’t need to wear anything except sun-cream. However, as the night comes, have a coat within grabbing distance and hope it doesn’t rain where you are.


New York, USA. 

Temperature: Early morning – 27°C - Sunny.

Midday –  32°C -   Sunny

Night – 25°C  - Clear.

Fashion verdict: Don those wayfarers and hit town with shorts and a t-shirt underneath a denim jacket. Espadrilles are the brilliant choice of footwear for this day. At night, trousers or jeans and a shirt underneath a blazer should be great for an outing.



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