Here are a few images I have shot lately in the city of London.








This was taken on Beak Street, not too far away from Carnaby Street, where there are some interesting looking shops. I spotted this lady having a cigarette outside and took this picture of her. I doubt she noticed.




This was also taken on the same street on the same day, within minutes of the first picture. I was standing on the corner waiting for something interesting to happen, until she walked into the store. So I step up the shot and waited for her to walk out and right into it. She seemed rather content with her purchase.




I also did the same for this shot, taken on Wardour Street, near Soho. I just liked the way she was dressed … in a this quite comfortable-looking workman’s attire. She was just walking out the shop when I took this shot also.




This was taken looking out of the Wapping Project gallery at Southbank of a girl looking in. I must have felt instantly inspired by the exhibition I went to see and couldn’t wait till I got outside to take pictures of my own.




Finally, this was taken on Charing Cross Road, a place where I usually frequent when I have the chance to, to bury my head in all kinds of books in the countless book shops that span its length. This road has, since the 18th century, been seen as the centre of London, and this shop is one of my favourite books shops, outside which I couldn’t resist taking a picture of this uber-cool man walking his dog.

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