When I’m bored and the weather is not the best outside, I turn to what I’ve got inside for inspiration. It’s at these times of intolerable ennui, I find, that I am most experimental. I guess I should get bored more often.

So on some of these fateful days, I summon all my editorial buddies and offer them a chance to relive their shoots. I reshoot shoots in magazines that I have accumulated over the years, but it isn’t a mere pointing of the camera at any ol’ pretty page. There is method in the act.

A little project I’ve been working on involves the meshed interaction of found imagery – visuals from books, postcards, magazines, my own work etc. – all from tangible media that I’ve collected, and their reiteration by way of juxtaposing these former standalone images with other images. The result is a spectrum of  ideas and interpretations borne out of the tension created within the structure of the composite image.

I intend to build on this project, which is not only restricted to editorials but also includes imagery from a diverse range of sources fitting to the ideas I have in mind, mainly because I’m fascinated by the complexity of interrelation, and this is a way to photographically study it.

Here’s a snippet …




















Last image:

From R-L:  Cindy Sherman on Time Magazine, a Haruki Murakami novel, a humorous image by Martine Franck taken in an old people’s home in France in 1975, a renaissance painting, a portrait of William S. Burroughs by Annie Leibovitz, and lastly a portrait of a polish model taken by myself.

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