Here are a selection of photographs I’ve recently had scanned and a few words to go with each of them.








On Commerical Road in London, after the rain had stopped belting down and the sun was beginning to creep out. There was a huge puddle by a set of traffic lights across the street from where Jack the Ripley reportedly used wet his beak, in a pub called The Ten Bells. And in this puddle was reflected Christ Church, Spitalfields – an Anglican church built between 1714 and 1729. I took the shot then later inverted it so the Church was upright. I like the impressionistic feel the fluidity of the water gives the Church. It almost looks like a painting.




This was taken outside my friend, Bernard’s window overlooking the backyard of a stack of houses that have been there for longer than a century. They used to be owned by single families but these days, converted apartments are rented out separately to tenants. Bernard lives in a similar apartment. About sunset there was a strong shaft of light streaming across the road, so I waited for someone to walk right into it.






Also taken around sunset, this is a picture of the shadow a bollard cast on the wall in that bowl of light.






Outside the Saatchi Gallery in London was this book store, in the window of which this majestically dressed mannequin. I think the dress might have been for sale as well. Maybe it was worn my someone famous in one of the books also for sale.






On a cold Sunday’s walk down some unknown paths, I came across this cluster of plants that I found particularly picturesque.




A diptych juxtaposing two polar-opposite themes – religion and sexuality. I’ll let you make your own decision about this without spoiling the fun.

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