So this is the first image of mine I’m posting. It was taken on a fairly recent trip to London and was shot with my trusty Holga camera – a cheap medium format film camera – from the upper deck of a bus. You get the best vantage point of the street below from the upper decks of buses and I’ve shot many a street scene from this point.

The interesting thing about this picture is the “couple” smoking outside. Their body language says a lot – one might think they were a couple going through a lover’s tiff. One of those “I hate you” – “Yeah, I can’t stand you too”-moments.  Or it just may be in my head, or yours.

Whatever dispute may or may not have occurred, they are both smoking their angst away in monochrome gear. He’s got on his nice suit, hands in pocket, exhaling East. She’s got her v-neck jumper, arms folded, black converses crossed and exhaling West. Albeit, despite the presumed tension in the air, there is harmony in their choice of fashion.

There will be more of these street photography shots to come so stay tuned.

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