Last week on Inside Africa on CNN, Fartuun Adan talks about the work she’s doing with women. She talked about the work her husband did before he passed away; a project called “Pick Up the Pen and not The Gun”.

Fartuun Adan‘s story is VERY inspiring and it is one we would encourage everyone to watch. Fartuun is a Somalian human rights activist who followed the stirring of her heart and is working tirelessly to give succor to women who have been raped and abused.

Leaving her 3 children in Canada she went back to Mogadishu to help the women in need. Women and children are usually the most affected during war times and Fartuun’s cause was to help these women. A champion for human rights she started “Sister Somalia” with Lisa Shannon, founder of “Run for Congo”. Sister Somalia is Somalia’s first rape crisis centre.

They started with a hotline and then it became really dangerous to use hotlines. At the centre, women and children receive a holistic treatment. They receive drugs to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and medical attention; as well as emotional support.

Watch videos in three parts below:


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