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FAB Video: Maker Of The ‘First Kiss’ Is Back With ‘Undress Me’, Asking 20 Strangers To Undress Each Other

Capture2 Capture3 You remember the viral video of 20 strangers kissing for the first time that hit the web with quite a bang resulting in a number of parodies, criticism as well as praise? Well, the maker of the “First Kiss” video is back with an all new project called “Undress Me”, where 20 strangers are asked to undress each other in front of the camera.

After approximately a million and one parodies of the viral video ‘First Kiss’ (‘The Slap’, ‘First Handjob’, ‘First Oral Sex’, ‘First Motorboat’), Tatiana Pilieva, the director behind the original video, has returned. In a new video entitled ‘Undress Me’, 20 strangers are asked to undress each other and get into bed. What happens from there is their choice. It’s a small bed though, so it gets a little intimate. Much like the ‘First Kiss’ video, there’s plenty of awkwardness and sexual tension. One guy breaks a girl’s trousers while trying to take them off. Another girl warns a stranger that her hands get “really sweaty” when she’s nervous. Other not-couples seem totally relaxed.

Also similarly to ‘First Kiss’ it is also an advert, this time for Masters of Sex. A pretty relevant advert, actually, as back in 1957 William Masters and Virginia Johnson asked men and women to undress for science. This video is not so scientific, but it’s interesting and pretty.


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