Tomorrow is Kris Jenner’s show finale, where Kanye west will be telling us all about his relationship with Kim, and the birth of their baby girl. However before that, we have some great snippets for you, of what is to come; now I warn you the clips are super sweet, it may even make you a little teary eyed. It is amazing to see Kanye West in this light, as it takes away from his usual arrogance.

Kanye talks about his mum passing, and that he didn’t really have a reason to live after that, but Kim and the baby have given him every reason now, that part was especially touching. Its never easy to lose a parent, and we all know that Kanye went through a rough time in his situation, so its always great to have good news, and see him smile.


Kanye talks about after his mothers death

Kanye talks about Kim & Baby North being his joy

Kanye talks about when he used to dream of being with Kim

Photo credit: Necolebitchie

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