Former West African Idol contestant, Jerrilyn Mulbah is an impressive singer, Liberian born but based in Nigerian. She was a 2007 West Africa Idol finalist and she was a part of the team of youth that interview Business Magnate Aliko Dangote on the MTVBase meets with MTN show.
Here’s the video for the song titled Leka [Rock me baby]. She’s working on a music video album with revered director Taiwo Baudex, the series of video shoots would take her round the country.

Jerrilyn Mulbah is distinguished by her diminutive stature, her carriage and her story. Jerrilyn is a girl who has chosen to live above the wreck of the war and is, against all odds, striding towards stardom and a successful music career.


Check out her single Leka [Rock me baby] here.

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