Launching as the first installment of First Serve’s story is “Must B The Music” – the group’s debut single dosed in their signature style; dark humour, stylish beats and rhymes reminiscent of the classics we know, love and were otherwise missing today.

Thanks to the creative thinking of De La Soul’s Pos and Dave , First Serve (an alter-ego conjured up by the duo) delivers something different – a sound for sore ears, if you like, with a fine tune of modern music and old school feeling Hip Hop.

“Must B The Music” is full of wit and jovial energy, plus the video’s full of fun too, with First Serve’s Jacob and Deen navigating their way around a cartoon community, and including cameos from Parisian producers 2&4.

Out in the UK today (with a variety of remixes available from Zed Bias, Yuksek and Mr Chop, amongst others) and available through iTunes here:, “Must B The Music”, with its head-nod-able, two-step-inducing beat, will be the reason you’re busting a move this summer. Download it now and be hooked 30 seconds in.

Watch the video here:

Download the album when it drops April 2nd here:


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