Beyonce stormed on stage to surprise her sister Solange, during her performance at the 2014 Coachella Music Festival in California. We assumed the sisters were going to work on a duet from Solange’s wide ranged tracks, but the mother of one took us by surprise as she burst into some amazing moves in unison with little sister Solange.


Queen Bey tried to show the audience that she still got it as she added the ‘Sasha Fierce’ energy to their dance routine. The Knowles sisters moved to the epic ‘Losing You’ track by Solange Knowles and it was a lovely sight to behold as they two stepped and whipped their weaves back and forth, while the elated audience screamed and watched in amazement.


Beyonce and her sister hugged before she ran off stage while Solange thanked the audience and bowed as she ended her presentation.


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