If you haven’t seen this video before then the first day of a new month seems like the perfect opportunity to reflect on the things we have to be thankful for. This video, of Ross Capicchioni’s shotgun survival story was first released in 2011 (for an incident that happened in 2007) but the video has recently begun to circulate on the internet again.

Ross-Capicchioni's-Shotgun-Survival-Story-FAB-Magazine (4)When Ross was 17-year-old, he was shot three-time – to be killed – by his close friend of 10 years. The reason for the shooting was simply because his friend wanted to be initiated into a gang and had been told to kill a random person. He was then left to die in the outskirts of the city he lived in, Detroit. But through sheer determination and a will to survive, Ross would battle on for his dear life.

Watch his amazing story below and get inspired as we begin a new month. There are so many things to be thankful for – being alive tops the list.

Ross-Capicchioni's-Shotgun-Survival-Story-FAB-Magazine (1) Ross-Capicchioni's-Shotgun-Survival-Story-FAB-Magazine (2)Quite a powerful video! Read an interview he gave Here. Ross, now 24 years old, is still living his life to the fullest. How are you living yours?

Happy new month!

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