Below are the 5 FAB videos you do not want to miss! The videos are not curbed to a particular sort, rather they are a fusion of funny, entertaining and FAB picks for your viewing.

Enjoy the videos below:

1. Kids reenact the 2014 Oscar Nominees
The amusing parody are made up of the Best picture nominees for the Oscar Awards this 2014.

2. Goodluck Vs Mark Zuckerberg

A short comedy sketch between Goodluck and Zuckerberg

3. Jesus was Nigerian

Fox News reporter Megyn Kelly, fictional character Santa Clause and Jesus Christ were both white. This revelation is, however, nothing compared to what Ikenna Azuike announces about the history of Jesus Christ in this episode of What’s up Africa.

4. Amazing dance freestyles to Toni Tones’ ‘I know What You Like’

Watch these amazing dance freestyles of Toni Tones’s new hit single -“i know what you like”

5. Boko Haram’s threat release to the media

The video released by the group shows its leader Abubakar Shekau. It was shot in an open field, where Shekau was surrounded by an armoured tank, two military vans and about a dozen gun-bearing militants.

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