Below are the 5 FAB videos you do not want to miss! The videos are not curbed to a particular sort, rather they are a fusion of funny, entertaining and FAB picks for you to relax and enjoy.

1.Behind The Scenes Beyonce (Mrs. Carter) Wardrobe
An exclusive look behind the scenes of The Mrs. Carter Show tour outfits with Beyoncé’s style team. Watch a never-before-seen look at her stage outfits by designers ranging from The Blonds to Versace and Emilio Pucci.

2. Ashanti Performs Chaka Khan’s “Sweet Thing”- Off The Record
Chaka Khan’s “Sweet Thing” means a lot to many R&B artists, but did you know this was the cover that got Ashanti her record deal? Check out her live performance of the classic tune with her live band from MSR Studios in New York City.

3. The gangster way to get over heartbreaks- Toke Moments
Watch another awesome episode of TokeMoments and learn how to become hardcore!!! Toke talks about heartbreak and shares with you the gangster way to get over them.

4. Lagos big girl’s game

5. Officer Titus- Busted
In this episode, Officer Titus learns a hard lesson on proper conduct from a female traffic offender. BUSTED!!!

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