Below are the 5 FAB videos you do not want to miss! The videos are not curbed to a particular sort, rather they are a fusion of funny, entertaining and FAB picks for you to relax and enjoy.

A Tale of Frank Donga & Officer Titus

1. The Interview- Frank Donga
Sometimes you attend an interview hoping you’ll nail it. Then comes the twist you were not expecting.

2. Visa Application- Frank Donga
The hilarious tales of Frank Donga continues with his interview for a travel Visa. Find out if this time he nails it or really blows it.

3. The Interview Salary- Frank Donga
On this episode of Frank Donga, he seeks work at a top firm and discusses His salary scale. Its a must watch!

4. One Chance-Officer Titus
A comedy skit about Titus, a traffic law enforcement officer and his hilarious adventures with Lagos traffic offenders.

5. Island Market- Officer Titus
In this episode the now senior officer Titus shows his rookie sidekick the ropes in the “Island Market”.

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