It seems there is an unofficial “Happy” remake series going on. Few weeks ago we brought you the video remake of a catchy and positive single by American hip-hop artist, Pharell Williams. The first video remake was from Cotonou, an African country, and it featured several people dancing, singing, clapping and generally looking happy while the original song from Pharell played as a voice over. (Watch the video Here).

3-More-'Happy'-Remakes-To-Watch-From-Cameroon-Abidjan-Dakar-FAB-Magazine (1) 3-More-'Happy'-Remakes-To-Watch-From-Cameroon-Abidjan-Dakar-FAB-Magazine (2)Now there are so many another remakes with just as much enthusiasm from people around the world. Focusing on Africa, so far we have Cameroon, Abidjan and Dakar. The videos show happy and excited Africans trying to express just how happy they are in their countries.

3-More-'Happy'-Remakes-To-Watch-From-Cameroon-Abidjan-Dakar-FAB-Magazine (3) 3-More-'Happy'-Remakes-To-Watch-From-Cameroon-Abidjan-Dakar-FAB-Magazine (4)There are also a lot of other remakes from around the world – all you have to do is search on Youtube and you’ll find from London, Paris, Vienna, Dubai, Kuwait and many more. Check out our top 3 African countries below:

We Are Happy From Cameroon

We Are Happy From Abidjan

We Are Happy From Dakar

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