At the 2013 Billboard Music Awards yesterday, FAB reported of how Justin Bieber (well amongst holding his audience spell-bound by his performances) was booed off stage as we went on to get Milestone awards for musical ingenuity and innovation. Isn’t that awesome? You’d think that everyone was at peace with the selection but no, there came the booing from the audience. Beating Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars for that singular honor sure didn’t go down well with the “un-Biebered” fans.

Well the dude took to Twitter later on to somewhat tell his mind on the issue. His posts read:

2 performances and 2 awards. Grateful to my #Beliebers. Our awards. Love u.

The next one went:

I love music, my fans, my family, my friends.. And I love The Lord.

And then the last one”


Watch his win at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards

At least haters don’t have an excuse. He didn’t go out cursing; he professed “love”. Should be enough to get his “non-Beliebers ‘up’ with the Bieber-Fever or don’t you think? Truth be told, Bieber has of recent shown signs of maturity, let’s not halt the process, Bieber-would-be-lovers. And that’s a call to give the boy a fair chance. That might inspire the rapid positive chances that we desire in this young life.

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