Guess who might (“might”, I said) be joining in on American Idol as judge? Sweetly Jennifer HudsonJennifer who was amongst the contestants on American Idol in 2004 (but didn’t emerge winner/the American Idol for that year) has since taken her world by storm. The highly successful singer can now rightfully be a judge on the singing competition – if she eventually becomes a judge.

Upon entering the show back in 2004, the singer had said that her goal was to be American Idol 2004 and have a recording contract with a major recording label. Isn’t it jjust beautiful that even though she didn’t win, she surpassed her dreams and is eve soaring higher? And won’t just be a sweet, sweet coincidence if she comes on the show she once fought so hard to own, as judge. She will now, be able to look through the eyes of the contestants, having being one herself. We really hope Jennifer gets to be judge on the show, really. Don’t you too?

Here’s the video that suggests she might be coming on the show

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