Since Kim Kardashian put to bed last Saturday, the 15th, the couple, the Kardashian clan and close knit relatives and friends of the celebrity families have kept sealed lips as to what name(s) the baby would be called. And no, we didn’t expect the daddy, Kanye West to leak that information. Far be it from him. Kanye never reveals a thing.

But unconfirmed sources claim to have gotten a hold of baby Kimye‘s new name.Uh-huh! They say it’s Kaidence Donda West and a nurse at the luxurious Los Angeles’ Cedars Sinai hospital leaked it to press.

Although initial reports stated that an insider and family member reported that baby Kimye would be named Kai Georgia Donda West (“Georgia” from Kim‘s late dad’s middle name – the female version, that is and “Donda” from Kanye‘s late mom, Dr. Donda West) but it’s being maintained that Kaidence Donda West is the real name.

Although these are just speculations but there seems to be an atom of truth in the information. Till the names come out of the horses’ mouth, we’ll be waiting but let us know what your suggestions are from bubbly to sweet, cute, cuddly, amazing and weird names. Who knows? You pick might just be it. So go on suggesting.

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