We got you there! Toolz‘s hips are 100% natural – or so I think. That aside for a second; that OAP lady, Toolz! Is there a week that goes by without her doing some “goody” damage? I think not! Now she had a session today on twitter; “Ask Toolz” where her followers threw in all kinds of questions from funny to bizarre and just unthinkable ones. It couldn’t have been a more fun-filled day! FAB brought you news for that and trust me, that’s a whole story altogether. You can read it up.

Hmmm.... those hips though...

Hmmm…. those hips though…

To the topic of the hour, we’ll go – Toolz‘s hips! Many have speculated and even concluded that those killer hips on the lady aren’t real. So your guess is as good as mine was when I found out about the Ask Toolz session. The hip question was definitely not going to be missed! So out it came from a follower’s mouth. And direct, it was.

Tweet reads:

And there you have it! Was Toolz serious about the artificial hip? You let us know what you think. By the way, she also said it “Ain’t nobody bidness” what decisions she makes and how she decides to live her life, right? Right! But not in Naija, babes – as long as there are people who are ready to be all up in your business. Yes, the nosy/snoopy folk all around you. Not to worry, it makes living interesting, doesn’t it? Sure does.

The “Bidness” tweet reads:

Q: “ToolzO can you date younger,if it’s true love? #asktoolz

A: “As long as we are both legal #AintNobodyBidness”

— Tolu (@ToolzO) May 24, 2013


Do you really think those massive hips are natural, though? Let us know.

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