It seems like the jumpsuit trend is not going anywhere any time soon so it might be better to embrace it and start pushing ideas on the best ways to style it for different occasions.

There’s a certain sort of woman who wears the jumpsuit. She’s bold, she’s brave because it really is not an easy outfit to pull off. But it seems every season we cannot avoid this wardrobe staple as designers offer stunning options for one-piece outfits. We have outlined four styles to pull off the jumpsuit trend taking pointers from the recently held Lagos Design & Fashion Week.

Prints Are Fun

January 162-001Here’s our style inspiration!

You can’t imagine how tremendously chic it can be to risk prints on your jumpsuit. It’s a bold step and all the more applaudable when it is pulled off. Prints make a major statement on your jumpsuit and the best way to style it is to keep everything else neutral.


Blazers Are Chic

Sholly Jaay

Here’s our style inspiration!

Blazers Are ChicBlazers and coats can be an added touch to styling a jumpsuit. The additional layer can be essential for cold weather or to add elegance to an “outfit appropriate” occasion. It could be worn to the office, dinners and more. And how better to show off your legs and waist than in a satin romper for evening? We’d advise satin jumpsuits with a blazer any day!


Cut-Outs & Plunging Necklines

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Cut Outs And Plunging NecklineThis style is really not for anyone and would work better for ladies who are not too big chested because then it is just an eyesore and not stylish at all. As the models from the runway have depicted, working with this style again means being minimal elsewhere as a cutout or plunging neckline is quite enough attention on its’ own.


Casual Chic Works Too

January 165Here’s our style inspiration!

Casual Chic Works TooMost times people want to go mega glam in a jumpsuit, but the truth is that a simple and plain look works fine too. The most important tip to pulling off the jumpsuit is to make sure it is well tailored or at least works for your figure because nothing beats a look you are comfortable in.


Would you jump on this trend? How would you style your look?