Drumroll please! The fashion season of Spring/Summer 2012 has ushered in a new set of trends. It’s time again to clear out the old clothes in your wardrobe and make room for new ones. So, take notes and get ready to hit the shops, as Monisola Akinyemi fills us in on this season’s must-buys.

Be Tribalistic

This is the one time you are allowed to be tribalistic, and you won’t offend anyone because you will be looking so good. African prints are taking the fashion world by storm and ankara which has long been a staple of Nigerian fashion has in recent times become a favourite with celebrities like Solange Knowles and Kelis.

E! news Correspondent Catt Sadler in JBL

Lala Vazquez Anthony in JBL skirt


Nigeria’s Jewel by Lisa is one of many designers’ that has put the ankara fabric and African prints, in general, on the map. So, take a cue from these celebs and tap into your African roots – well, fashion wise anyway.


Sporty Chic

When you think about sporty clothes, you may immediately picture gym clothes, but  fear not, you are not being forced to hit the treadmill against your will. If you love to look casual but have not been able to combine it with looking chic then this trend is for you. From dresses to shorts, you have styles and patterns that give the essence of sportiness but still leave you looking sassy and not scruffy.


Pretty Pastels

Vanilla yellow, sky blue, lime green, pale pink and nude hues are just a few examples of pastels. For those that are not aware, the colour(s) you wear can transmit messages even before you utter a word. Take pink, for example, which signifies femininity and sensitivity or yellow, which stands for brightness and cheerfulness; armed with such information you can use the color of your clothes form a positive impression about yourself. So, with these pastels you can create an aura of being sweet and light, even if you’re not…



Before you start worrying that this snippet will lead to tips on gardening, worry not, the only flowers we at FAB want you to handle is selecting which floral dress or skirt you want to wear. Hot tip! For petite ladies large patterned flowers work better on your silhouette by enhancing your assets, on the other hand this is the reverse for ladies with fuller figures, i.e. small patterned flowers can help to tone down any ample assets.


Feeling Bluesy

Whenever an individual is said to have the blues, it usually refers to being upset; however there is nothing depressing about this season’s color. Wearing a splash of cobalt blue is sure to brighten up your look and lift any mood.

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