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The time had come to put the finishing touches on my preparations, both mentally and practically speaking. So, I headed to my hometown Budapest to say goodbye to family and friends. This was quite touching, because even though I have not lived in Hungary for a long time I have not been away for this long.

Zsofia Beautiful Budapest

People also reacted to my news so differently.

Some were excited for me, some jealous, some were sad to see me go. Overall, I can say that true friendship knows no boundaries – geographically or otherwise – and so I prefer making friends for life. As I was getting organized – getting immunization, buying the last few bits and bobs – it dawned on me that there was no way back. No matter how scary it is to step out of my comfort zone I am just gonna have to do it and see what comes out of it. That silly butterfly kind of feeling was at the pit of my stomach; you know when you are nervous and excited all at the same time. ☺

Zsofia Overcome by emotions
I spent my time in Hungary mostly organizing for my impending trip, spending time with family, saying good bye and eating as much delicious food as possible. Store as much emergency fat as possible! ☺ Had an excellent, if slightly mad goodbye party, and before I knew it it was time to go back to Newquay to pack up my stuff.
It is crazy how much surfing changed my life in the space of just over a year! In a way I realized what is important. It has been a long road, I have been planning to leave London for about 3 years at least, and now finally I had come across the perfect reason.

Zsofia Snowy

“At times I freak out that I will never have a proper job, a boyfriend or a settled way of life”.

I fret about all the things I am leaving behind: my comfort zone, my beloved waterpolo team, my friends and my steady job. But then when I think about the possibilities that lie in traveling, doing sports and meeting new people it makes it all okay.

Zsofia My beloved team

If it wasn’t for this sport, or philosophy, or whatever you wanna call it I would have never planned this trip. I was reading this book on surfing and in it said

“Surfing is a physical, emotional, and soulful experience. It’s you and you alone using your mind, your body and your spirit to Girls Guide toi Surfingsynchronously move with the rhythm of the ocean, to harmoniously ride its explosion of energy”

(The Girl’s Guide to Surfing).

It perfectly describes how I feel about it, for sure. So the idea of this trip is to go and find a surf spot in a Spanish speaking country, learn the language, work and surf my ass off.

Well, it did not quite go that way, but let us not get ahead of myself.

Once back in Newquay, I enlisted the help of the Rodwell family, who kind of adopted me. They are one of the coolest people I have ever met, just so open and friendly. I got invaluable surf survival and maintenance advice and lots of good tips on traveling.
On the 20th of December 2011 I went for my last surf, and the water’s temperature was about 10 degrees Celcius. There is something crazy and cool about freezing yet still doing the thing you love.

Zsofia No matter how cold, the guys at Escape never stop

The love of the sport and the lifestyle that comes with it is what I was given by the Escape Surf School, the Rodwell family and Newquay. I will be eternally grateful, but it is time to leave. Off to London and then to the wild, wild West!

Next up: First stop – The States and Canada

Zsofia will be taking FAB readers each week through her travel diary with loads of amazing images of the tribulations and adventures she encountered during her year-long 7 country tour of South America. She will also be introducing us to the varied characters and friends she met and made along the way.

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