Dream House Productions have released the trailer to what is set to be one of the most highly anticipated film releases of the year,  a first of its kind collaboration between the Kenyan and Nigerian film industries, Shattered.

Starring none other than our Spring cover lady and Nollywood leading lady Rita Dominic, produced by Carol Nguta (recently voted as one of the Top 10 women in the Kenyan film industry) and directed by Gilbert Lukalia of Kenya, Shattered tells the story of a woman whose traumatic childhood in a seemingly ideal middle class family becomes a precursor to a life of turmoil, depression, and self destructive behaviour.

Inspired by several true life stories, Shattered is a harrowing watch as the plot follows the struggle of Keziah Njema (Rita Dominic) to overcome her demons and downward spiral caused by years of abuse.

In our cover exclusive with Rita back in March, the actress said of the role:

I tell you, that film stretched me till I almost dropped. It is based on a true story about this young girl from a middle class family who had been molested from the age of 3 by men who were supposed to be protecting her. I had never played that kind of role and I had to go very deep to pull out some acting demons to play this character. There were days I would get back to my hotel room crying for this character Keziah, knowing that there are young women going through the same thing. By the time we were done, I had nothing else to give.”

Other cast members include Melvin Alusa, Ainea Ojiambo, Mumbi Maina, Robert Burale.

Dream House Production  is a diversified entertainment company embarking on film production to actualize their vision of developing and showcasing the enormous untapped and unfulfilled talent in the Kenyan creative industry.

Be warned: The make up effects are so good in the trailer, you may not be able to recognise the otherwise always glam Rita.

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  1. abdul tcholoko

    Realy africaine actors you make africa pround.special Rita ur special not only in nigeria,but all africa and the world.


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