As many take to their twitter and Facebook pages to speak out against the rioters one fearless mother of four took to the front-line to speak out.

“Allow burning people’s property and shops that they work so hard for….They’re working hard to make her business work and you lot want to go and burn it up for what?” she shouts in the midst of all the riots in Hackney.

This woman, thought to be Pauline Pearce from Hackney said what many are thinking which is that this chaos is no longer about the Mark Duggan shooting but about “about having fun on the road and busting up the place.” I couldn’t agree with her more the amount of people smugly posing in pictures with their loot just shows that the majority of people rioting are just opportunists taking advantage.

“Do it for a cause if your fighting for a cause than fight for a f***ing cause. You lot p**s me the f**k off. I’m ashamed to be a Hackney person,” she shouts to a growing crowd.

If the comments on the video are anything to go by, many (including myself) applaud this woman’s bravery to speak out.

Looters in a shop in Hackney

One comment said, “I have so much respect for this lady. There’s no fighting of injustice in London, this is mindless worthless anarchy. At least someone is brave enough to speak out against the action of the youths. Good on her.”

Another suggested that she should be made Prime Minister.

Watch her speech below, includes strong language.

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