We all know that religion and faith is a huge part of black culture. But part of me wonders how much of this is actually religion and how much is tradition…

Another day, another story about fraudulent pastors. This time two senior pastors have been charged with possession of fake currencies with the intention of using them for business transactions. Apostle Richard Kwesi Dwumfuor, head pastor of the Conquerors Redemption International Church, in Achimota, Ghana, reverend Isaac Oti Agyeman and their accomplice local trader, Charles Tawiah have been accused of hiding GH¢110,000 worth of counterfeit Ghanaian notes within church premises. Talk about having respect for the “house of the Lord”.

Frome left to right: Charles Tawiah, Conquerors Redemption International Church, Rev. Isaac Oti Agyeman


What’s funny or maybe quite sad about this story is that there are many people in the congregation who looked up to these men as “spiritual fathers”, leaders and helpers and now I’m sure many of these people are left wondering what they should be believing in.

Yes you can argue that these pastors are only human but if you’re going to put yourself in that position of authority then you should also be willing to accept the responsibility that comes with it. If situations like this were a rarity then it wouldn’t be such a big deal but how often do you hear of corrupt pastors within the church? Putting aside the highly publicised cases like Archbishop Gilbert Deya (the miracle baby-snatcher) and Bishop Eddie Long (the alleged child molester) I’m sure if you listen to “church-folk gossip” you’ll hear of pastor so and so doing such and such. Seriously, and people wonder why Christianity is so often ridiculed. And then it gets filtered down into the congregation and you get men who rape and murder lesbian couples because “God” told them to (that is actually a true story, Google it).

Archbishop Deya allegedly stole newborn babies from Africa and gave them to barren women in his church calling them "miracle babies"


The American "heavy-weight" pastor was accused of molesting four young boys who were apart of his mentoring scheme but resolved it with a "quick settlement"


Isaiah Kalebu admitted to raping and stabbing a lesbian couple because he was told by "God" to attack his enemies

Which is why I asked in the first place, is the emphasis on Christianity just tradition or is it something people really believe in?  The fact that you can have such things going on in the church on a regular basis makes me wonder what makes “church-folk” any different from people who don’t believe in religion? Like I said we are all human, we are prone to make mistakes but why is it almost everyday you hear of stories like this, especially within Christianity?

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