Sagacious-Questions-5000-Invisible-Jobs-Dolapo-Aina-FAB-Magazine (13)1. Did the NIS retrench or sack a huge number of workers in order to recruit about 5,000 workers?

Sagacious-Questions-5000-Invisible-Jobs-Dolapo-Aina-FAB-Magazine (9)2. Funds must have been allocated for this exercise. How much was budgeted?

Sagacious-Questions-5000-Invisible-Jobs-Dolapo-Aina-FAB-Magazine (3)3. Why was 1,000 Naira demanded by the NIS? Was it an administrative fee?

1000 naira bills (Nigerian currency)4. It is said that about 500,000 – 2million applicants paid for the forms. It is safe to say that at least N50 million was garnered from at least 500,000 applicants for just 5,000 positions. What was the money used for, considering the fact that the Saturday show was a failure?

Sagacious-Questions-5000-Invisible-Jobs-Dolapo-Aina-FAB-Magazine (7)5. Did all the applicants evolve into successful shortlisted candidates?

Sagacious-Questions-5000-Invisible-Jobs-Dolapo-Aina-FAB-Magazine (5)6. Why were the candidates sent text messages a day before the exercise, instead of the earlier promised calls to shortlisted candidates?

Sagacious-Questions-5000-Invisible-Jobs-Dolapo-Aina-FAB-Magazine (11)7. 500,000 – 2million candidates would imply the same number of questions papers. How many question papers were taken to the different venues?

Sagacious-Questions-5000-Invisible-Jobs-Dolapo-Aina-FAB-Magazine (10)8. Why were some NIS officials making quick bucks by selling answers to desperate candidates?

Sagacious-Questions-5000-Invisible-Jobs-Dolapo-Aina-FAB-Magazine (6)9. How did the intelligent NIS officials conclude that any sensible examinations could be conducted in a stadium?

0310. Why couldn’t a recruiting consultancy firm be hired with part of the large chunk of money garnered from the sale of applicant forms?

Sagacious-Questions-5000-Invisible-Jobs-Dolapo-Aina-FAB-Magazine (1)11. If the NIS officials were being prudent with funds, why wasn’t this failed exercise conducted in batches?

Sagacious-Questions-5000-Invisible-Jobs-Dolapo-Aina-FAB-Magazine (2)12. Why is it that the Nigerian government has a lot of top government officials; who think, talk and execute their tasks and implement policies as if Nigeria is Bangladesh in the 1970s?

Sagacious-Questions-5000-Invisible-Jobs-Dolapo-Aina-FAB-Magazine (15)13. Shouldn’t the Director General of the NIS resign for the botched exercise which led to the demise of some unemployed graduates?

Sagacious-Questions-5000-Invisible-Jobs-Dolapo-Aina-FAB-Magazine (16)14. If truly, 5,000 invisible jobs were available and the Saturday exercise was inconclusive. How would the NIS have picked the best applicants, assuming top government officials don’t have their own preferred candidates?

Sagacious-Questions-5000-Invisible-Jobs-Dolapo-Aina-FAB-Magazine (1)15. Now that the federal government has cancelled all the recruitment exercises by all parastatals including the NIS. Would the NIS officials be held accountable for the disaster that occurred?

Sagacious-Questions-5000-Invisible-Jobs-Dolapo-Aina-FAB-Magazine (8)16. If it is true that the Interior Minister was in charge of this rotten exercise; why hasn’t he been sacked and what would become of the huge amount of money garnered from the botched exercise?

Sagacious-Questions-5000-Invisible-Jobs-Dolapo-Aina-FAB-Magazine (12)17. Since the President has cancelled the exercise; how would the applicants’ paltry N1,000 be refunded?

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