Sagacious-Questions-Season-2-Episode-4-By-Dolapo-Aina-FabMagazine (8)If little assignments have no place in your life, do you think God would have brought them into your life?

Sagacious-Questions-Season-2-Episode-4-By-Dolapo-Aina-FabMagazine (15)Isn’t it apparent Nelson Mandela is the only global politician the world was fond of and would miss?

Sagacious-Questions-Season-2-Episode-4-By-Dolapo-Aina-FabMagazine (7)Isn’t it baffling how some Western nations like America and United Kingdom began singing praises for Madiba Mandela, while several decades ago, he was on their lists of terrorists and persona-non-grata?

Sagacious-Questions-Season-2-Episode-4-By-Dolapo-Aina-FabMagazine (4)Did you know that Nigeria has a diamond expert/gemologist by the name Thelma West; whose clientele include the super stars in the English League and the oil oligarchs in Russia?

Sagacious-Questions-Season-2-Episode-4-By-Dolapo-Aina-FabMagazine (10)If Nollywood had her own version of Captain Phillips; who do you think would fit the role? Jim Iyke or Joseph Benjamin? And won’t Jim Iyke’s role be that of the pirates’ second in command who was always erratic?

Sagacious-Questions-Season-2-Episode-4-By-Dolapo-Aina-FabMagazine (12)With the fast-lane lifestyle of Justin Beiber; isn’t it apparent he would end up like Lindsay Lohan if his family members don’t step in to curtail his excesses?

kc-nickiIt is reported that KC-the limbobo crooner paid N65million to have Nikki Minaj on a new track of his. 65million that could add value to his home village! N65million, just for her to speak in Patua for 4minutes?

Sagacious-Questions-Season-2-Episode-4-By-Dolapo-Aina-FabMagazine (9)After the PR gaffe by Governor Adams Oshiomhole, where he berated a pleading widow in public, he seems to have learnt the power of the social media. Would his colleagues learn from this?

Sagacious-Questions-Season-2-Episode-4-By-Dolapo-Aina-FabMagazine (1)How many political bigwigs in Nigeria and Africa apologise for their misdeeds like Adams Oshiomole?

Sagacious-Questions-Season-2-Episode-4-By-Dolapo-Aina-FabMagazine (6)An actress uploaded pictures on instagram of a wrap of marijuana; the individual got into trouble with the drug agency and claimed it was Photoshop? What level of intelligence is that, pre and post the picture gaffe. Can you ask Tonto?

Sagacious-Questions-Season-2-Episode-4-By-Dolapo-Aina-FabMagazine (5)See what Twitter has instigated; every Sule, Sege, Emeka and Okon in the Nigerian entertainment industry has begun a twitter war. Whose is next?

Sagacious-Questions-Season-2-Episode-4-By-Dolapo-Aina-FabMagazine (3)With so many adverts in magazines, how come magazine houses don’t get paid on time by advertising agencies for the adverts they publish?

Sagacious-Questions-Season-2-Episode-4-By-Dolapo-Aina-FabMagazine (2)What is it with Rihanna and her constant photos on instagram?

Sagacious-Questions-Season-2-Episode-4-By-Dolapo-Aina-FabMagazine (11)Hello! Funke Akindele’s perfumery line is coming out soon. One would assume her team has done a proper market research?

Hand holding a Social Media 3d SphereCelebrities seem to have made Paparazzi’s job easier. Why should any celebrity complain about any buzz about him/her when any picture of theirs is posted by themselves on social media?

Kim Kardashian is mobbed by media and fans on day of breakup in MiamiBe candid, what is Kim Kardashian’s relevance to entertainment?

Sagacious-Questions-Season-2-Episode-4-By-Dolapo-Aina-FabMagazine (1)With the successes of Indians, Pakistanis, Lebanese and Chinese in Nigeria, can Nigerians say the economic environment isn’t enabling?

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