pope francis

1.     Isn’t it papal humility when the new Pope Francis, pays for his own hotel bills on the first day of the ascendency, takes a bus rather than the papal car and would rather wear simple papal clothes?



2.     Since industrial cyber attack is the new terror war, is the African Union and Africa’s cyber community ready to withstand any unwarranted breach into her firewalls?


network logos3.     Can telecommunications providers’ all round services improve?


4.     Shouldn’t a law be passed to prohibit call centres’ staff from transferring calls for more than once and for less than 2 minutes?




5.     Aren’t we mistreated by call centres’ staff who hold our calls for long periods and play recorded messages and un-soothing tunes?




6.     Like her Indian Bollywood counterpart who have contracts which makes it possible to shoot movies in major Hollywood studios. When would Nollywood get to this level of long-range organised planning in conjunction with the major Hollywood studios?




7.     Do you need a large followership for your radio show in Lagos? Why don’t you hire On Air Personalities with foreign accents?



on air

8.      Since foreign accent is the current currency on the airwaves, whatever happened to that original West African accent which Westerners and foreigners love? Aren’t radio stations in the forefront of silencing the uniqueness of our accent?



2face-Idibia9.     Tuface Idibia is one talented artiste, with numerous classics. How many Nigerian artistes can churn out sublime classics like he has done and would still do?




10.           When would a lot of Nigerian artistes’ lyrics move from ignorance to wisdom?



11.           The Bentley Boys? M.I, 2shortz and who else? Is there a show of status amongst some Nigerian artistes and can such artistes stand the financial test of time?



12.           4billion Naira sent for a 1,000 episodes of Tinsel. Isn’t this TV series the benchmark for Nigerian TV series?


real housewives

13.           Lagos House Wives is beckoning? Who are the socialite single ladies who fit the TV series’ profile and would they be interested?



14.           O Big Brother Africa! Why are viewers interested in mainly the private moments of the housemates?



15.           Reality TV shows without any moral lessons have flooded the Nigerian silverscreens. Do the Nigerian silverscreens really need another TV reality show which isn’t reality in the real sense of the word?


i am a star

16.           Isn’t it obvious fans of stars are in love with their stars’ reputation(s) and not their character or personality?


17.           How black should an African female model be, to make it in the fashion world?



18.           Why is it acceptable in the fashion world for male models to appear well-fed and healthy but their female colleagues appear malnourished and anorexic?



19.           In terms of societal orderliness, what has Togo, Benin Republic, Ghana done right, that Nigeria hasn’t gotten right?



20.           Sir Alex Ferguson once said, he would never sell Christiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid but he did. Brazil’s Neymar once said he wouldn’t leave Brazil till after the World Cup in 2014. Now, he has moved to Barcelona FC. Can anyone believe players and their agents’ comments?



21.           Isn’t Angelina Jolie going through some rough times with the demise of another family member from breast cancer?



22.           If PDP is considered by her members as the largest party in Africa, where would that leave South Africa’s ANC (Africa National Congress)?



23.           Was the May 29th Democracy Day event organised by the administration not a televised show of the gathering of a political party giving pass marks? But who did the marking and where is the marking scheme?


24.           A clique couldn’t conduct a simple ballot election of about 35 people. How would this same gang conduct a free and fair election of over 160million people?



25.           A posse of political Minotaurs can’t conduct an internal selection process of their own. How then can general elections be free and fair?


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