MALIYO Games is a Nigerian company, which shares the experiences of everyday Africans with a global audience through games. MALIYO creates casual browser games with African Themes, Narratives, Environments, Characters and Sound.

Operating out of Co-creation Hub, MALIYO is pioneering casual gaming, designed to be localised, fun, engaging and entertaining. With titles such as Okada Ride, Aboki, Kidnapped, and Mosquitoes Smasher, the content is rich and allows consumers to embed and share the experience with friends within Facebook, Google+, websites and other social media platforms.

The global game industry generated around $60 billion in total revenue for 2011, and is growing at a rate of 10 percent annually with predictions to hit $80 billion by 2012 spurred largely by growth in mobile and online games. With African audiences increasingly seeking locally relevant content and with the increase in web and mobile penetration on the continent, local developers should be latching on and creating these applications.

Hugo Obi, MALIYO’s co-founder says, “Our games are inspired by the ordinary folks in Lagos, Nigeria and the diaspora who yearn for more engaging localized content. The massive global success of Nollywood & Nigerian Music, coupled with accelerated mobile and Internet penetration, the adoption of lower-priced smart phone devices, all demonstrate the market demand, locally and in the diaspora, is mature, for such gaming content. The industry will only grow.”

MALIYO and CcHUB invite the entire tech community to a product experience session at May’s edition of Developers Parapo on 31th of May 2012. Hugo Obi and the entire MALIYO team will be around to share insights on how the entire community can leverage their work for value creation. Their presentation will followed by discussions on the opportunities in gaming in Nigeria and beyond.

Date: 31th May 2012

Time: 5.30pm – 8.30pm

Venue: Co-Creation Hub, 6th Floor, 294 Herbert Macaulay Way, Sabo, Yaba

Register here:

Developers Parapo is an event where Nigerian web and mobile application developers network, share and gain knowledge required to start and grow viable businesses. We’ll bring industry experts from Nigeria and across the world to the events to share key insights that will grow the Nigerian application development ecosystem. Developer Parapo is an event of CcHub Nigeria (Nigeria’s first open living lab).

Ali is an Okada rider who doesn’t make enough money to feed his family of 8. He has just been told Alhaji Shehu is looking for truck drivers. He has to get there quickly or lose the opportunity to get a better paying job. It’s a busy day in Lagos and the roads are blocked, help Ali pass through a route that is not busy. However, this road is filled with potholes and Keke Marwas, help him avoid these obstacles and get to the Alhaji’s as quickly as possible.


Mr and Mrs Do-good are the most generous people in your neighbourhood, however, they have been abducted by kidnappers who are demanding a N10m ransom. This is your chance to repay their past kindness to you and the other neighbours. Hit all the bandits using a dart pin to spring the locks holding them open, but be careful not to hurt them while you’re doing so.

Titi, Ngozi, Chidi, Sule, and Chris are classmates in a public primary school in Ikeja, Lagos. During break, one of the things they love to do is toss paper at each other in class while hiding behind their desks to avoid being hit. They have to play this game quickly and quietly to avoid drawing their teacher’s attention. Crumple some paper and join the fun.

Rufa’i boasts of being the best goalkeeper on the street. Every Saturday morning, kids line up to prove him wrong, none of them have succeeded so far. Get the ball into the net as many times as possible and put an end to Rufa’i’s bragging. All the kids on the street will thank you for it.

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