For such a young person I have a lot of pet hates. Some rational; people eating with their mouths open, leaving the toilet seat up and leaving crumbs in the butter, and some not so rational for example women wearing expensive tailor made lined suits, with the most abhorrent running trainers.

We’ve all seen them, rushing to squeeze onto the underground with a banana in one hand and a kindle in the other, a half done face of makeup and a worried expression. Listen I’m not gunning you for being in a rush, by all means eat breakfast, do your makeup and draft your emails on the tube, but please refrain from wearing heinous trainers with your work wear.







Go for tailoring that suits you. Where you work depends on the amount of artistic license you have with your workwear  but a velvet blazer with silk detailing and flared black trousers, what’s not to love?

Keep it fashion forward. Mix trends into your workwear to make it less boring. One of the hotetst trends this season is the peplum, a small frill just about the hips. And if you think frills only belong at the weekend, take a look at this

Go for alternative footwear. The image that always springs to mind when talking about this topic is a scene in my favourite film The Devil Wears Prada where the Editor in Chief Miranda Priestly comes into the office early and no one is ready for her. The staff scurry around, throwing away unhealthy bagels, running back to their desks and changing their crocs for chic work heels. I’m by no means saying that heels are a must, but if you want to wear them, pack one of these alternative comfortable shoes for the journey to and from work.

French Sole Simple Beige Leather Pumps £92.00

Women’s Keds Champion Lace Navy Trainers £30

ASOS Mabel Tassel Loafers £25.00



Wear your sharp suit with tired old trainers. Ever.


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