Last Sunday, Madonna sparked the Superbowl half-time game with her best-selling tracks along with her new single “Give me your love”. The performance was amazing but  I was more interested in the FABulous Givenchy Couture costumes that she dazzled  through the night in.




I love the floor-length gown that she wore while performing “Like a Prayer” but  for those of you who can’t afford a five-figure costume couture dress like the majority of us, a great alternative would be this black chiffon side-dress from River Island.


Black Chiffon side dress £50


The second outfit that she arrived in to perform the song “Vogue” and also dance with the band LMFAO was another Givenchy number done in a gladiator theme with studded embellishments. A simple and elegant equivalent to this would be this studded dress from Asos, which is actually on sale from £190 to £59.


Unique Studded Dress £59

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