Whilst I was at the festival I stole a few moments with a few people whose style caught my eye.  I got a shot of them each and asked them to describe their style in five words. I initially had 10 people but I unfortunately lost one picture. Sorry Ama.

Here goes …








Adjoa. "Funky, Random, Different, Wierd, Cool."


Philo. "Afrocentric, Bright, Matching, Distinct, Beautiful."


Eunice. "Creative, Natural, Mood-dependent, Inspiring, Exciting."


Paris. "Afrocentric, Indescribable, Unique, Smart, Casual."


Virceta. "Vintage, Preppy, Smart, Casual, Spontaneous."


Yaa. "Free."


Wendy. "Sexy, Smart, Daring, Colour, Funky."


TwiTeacher. "Fresh, New, Culture-Fusion, Innovative, Funky."

ZazieBelle. "Sophisticated, Classy, Sexy, Gorgeous, Orange."

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