Do you have an eye for style?Is there a celebrity out there whose look you admire?

Are you mulling over how to maintain ur radiance, sex appeal and style all year round?

Well, here are some FAB tips to help you look like your very own style icon.

Today’s Style Eye is inspired by the 50’s pinup girl- Marilyn Monroe.




*Gasp* Yes…  ‘Marilyn Monroe’.

This style icon paved way for glitz, glamour, diamonds and non stop sex appeal in Hollywood in the 1940’s/50’s. Born as Norma Jeane Barker, this style icon was not a blond bombshell from birth but a natural brunette until she created an image for herself which has lived for decades now and would still live for decades to come.


Marilyn monroe was known for her classy pinup girl look . From her sultry gaze, her beautiful flirtatious smile to her curled blond hair and her ever alluring red pouty lips, you would definitely understand why every style protege refers to Marilyn Monroe at some point. This style icon shows that there is confidence in being sexy as long as you wear the smile to match your charm. “Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it,” so said the legendary Yves Saint Laurent.

Marylin Monroe was  quintessential when it came to owning her look. If Marilyn wasn’t playing with pearls she was playing with diamonds which she said and I quote “are a girls best friend”. Apparently, not everyone can afford diamonds or the luxury of Monroe’s life but here are easy fun tips to glitter and shine and be your own Marilyn Monroe.

For sparkling white teeth and a perfect smile, Use a minty but mild flavored toothpaste with maximum cavity protection as well as whitening components to do a fine job in giving you fresh breath and a healthy set of clean white teeth such as crest,colgate,oral B whitening component amongst others.

For a sultry look with intense eyes, Try on sleek waterproof mascara as this would make your lashes look longer and fuller giving you a more daring effect. Apply a second time, a few minutes after the first layer has dried off.

It would be nice for ladies to rock their natural hair once in a while,doing it the way mama taught us. A set of Hot curlers or Rollers and ofcourse the Hair Dryer and we are out the door.Rocking your natural hair gives you a young, vibrant look and provides you with ample time to nurture, moisturize and groom your hair with the right hair products.

On the perfect night out, to sparkle like Marilyn, you could make do with a few pearls, swarovski or diamonds, for those who can afford it. A classy and sassy flare dress with a sweetheart neckline or a beautiful strapless gown coupled with a smooth velvety skin and a pair of rocking peep toe heels would do the trick.

Most importantly we must always remember ‘the scent of a woman’, Marilyn Monroe loved Chanel No5 by Coco Chanel. If it’s Elizabeth Arden Red Door, Incanto by Salvatore Ferragamo or Christian Dior’s Hypnotic Poison every woman should have her signature scent and with this you would definitely be bringing the 50’s back in your own sassy Monronian way.

Marilyn Monroe made style effortless and beautiful. With these few tips you could do the same.


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