Hair and identity are often two inseparable concepts.

Society has been conditioned to think of women’s hair styles in certain ways.

This series is about how individuals create identity through their various  hair dos.





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Kate Bradley shot Stephanie Burns on location in Sheffield’s green belt earlier this month.

Steph (aka Rapunzel) talks to FAB about her crowning glory.



“I’ve had long hair for as long as I can remember so it doesn’t seem that strange to me – I’ve never known anything different. I don’t think I even realised it was unusual until I was about 13 and other kids at school used to tell me it was really long. When girls in school started getting their hair cut and dyed in different ways I just thought well, it’s easy to get your hair cut, it’s more original and unusual to have long hair.”


“I sometimes forget how long my hair actually is until I see myself in the mirror or in photos – I think if I saw someone with my length hair I’d be just as shocked as when people see mine. I really like having long hair now I’m older, I like having something that stands out and that can’t be easily copied. I think that although very long hair and very short hair are at either side of the spectrum they have a lot in common. They’re both uncommon styles and both take a lot of patience; with long hair you can’t just go and get it cut off whenever you’re bored (well, you could, but then you wouldn’t have long hair..) and with short hair you have to stick it out till your hair grows again.”



“I get a lot of looks from strangers when I’m out with my hair down but it’s mostly positive. Most people I know tell me they either wish they had long hair, or that i should never get my hair cut off. I think they’re probably thinking “rather her than me” though, and just enjoy seeing my hair as a bit of an oddity. The questions I most often get asked are how long it takes to dry my hair or how much shampoo I get through. I usually just want to say ‘I have no bloody idea, who times how long it takes their hair to dry?!’ But if you were wondering the answers are ‘about 10 minutes’ and ‘roughly double’.


“The only thing  I don’t like is when strangers come up and start touching my hair without even asking (seriously, it’s not cool unless you’re a hairdresser, okay?!)



“A lot of the time I just wear my hair tied back or up in a bun, it just takes so much effort to get it looking nice and a gust of wind or shower of rain can reduce it to a knotted mess in seconds. I’ve had a few embarrassing moments with it down as well – getting it shut in doors, entangling other people in it, swishing it on to my plate in restaurants or dipping it into drinks.”


“I love my hair how it is, even if it gets on my nerves sometimes, and that’s all that matters really.  I wouldn’t want it any other way.”


Would I ever cut my hair? I’m terrified of cutting it short and regretting it, so I don’t think I would without a good reason. My dad got his long hair cut short for charity a few years back and raised quite a bit of money – I wouldn’t mind doing something that one day, at least then I’d know it had been for a good cause.”



“When I was a little girl, all the girls in my class wanted to have long hair like a fairytale princess. Nowadays, kids seem to be growing up so quickly, they’d rather have their hair like their favourite celebrity. I think really long hair is becoming more and more uncommon in our society. It’s seen as a bit old fashioned now- having shorter more styled hair is much more in fashion.”


Well Steph, we think you look FAB!


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