Angel Smith is the founder of the blog The Natural Lounge. On 8th October she teamed up with Atlanta, US, based Naptural Roots Magazine and hosted an event dedicated to natural hair.






Angel tell us her hair story:


“In 2009 I had a little bald patch on the top of my head from my chemical hair relaxer so I decided to stop processing my hair and embarked on my Natural Journey. Right now I am totally in love with my hair – it’s soft, thick, long and fluffy, can be styled in an variety of ways and it can’t stop growing. I wouldn’t go and put hair extensions in, nor would I use chemicals to straighten it again so it’s the natural life for me.”



“Everyone around me loves my hair. Sometimes people I don’t know complement me on the style. I have never had any negative reactions to my natural hair. I think that in 2009 natural hair was was underrepresented, but now only two years later there has been an explosion of people sporting naturally curly hair.”


The Naturally Fabulous event was huge success with hair and beauty products available for purchase and the chance to discuss all things natural hair related with dozens of like minded women.






Leanne and Angel announce the raffle prize winners

Leanne and Angel announce the raffle prize winners



Naturally Fabulous team - (L-R) Mahogany, Leanne, Andrew, Angel and Adrienne




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